Leadership Team


Jordan Gaspari

Founder, Managing Partner

Jordan is one of the only people you’ll meet that actually grew-up wanting to be an Agency Recruiter (his dad & idol, Rich Gaspari spent his entire 30-year career in the industry).

For most of the 2010s, Jordan perfected his craft as a perennial top performer for Randstad Technologies (the 2nd largest human capital firm in the world), becoming the go-to talent provider for large Fortune500 orgs such as Wells Fargo, McKesson, UnitedHealth Group, and Cigna.

By 2017, he’d built a $10M/yr book-of-business, but was repeatedly faced with the challenges (and reluctance) the larger firms have adapting to this evolving marketplace.

In March 2018 (7-days after his father passed), Jordan made-up a word (Exclusive + Talent = EXCLUSENT) and started the ride of a lifetime.

Jordan and his wife Caroline have a 2-year old son Jax, and just welcomed their Baby Girl Madison in March.  

CONTACT:  Jordan@Exclusent.com

Mike Newton

Director of Recruiting

Mike has spent these last 10+ years Recruiting here in the valley, with a genuine passion for brokering game-changing intros within Cyber Security, Technology, Accounting & Operations.  In 2020 at the height of the pandemic, he agreed to leave his old firm to join JG in building Exclusent into a powerhouse.  

Mike’s a U.S. Army Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and has a tremendous amount of respect for our military & first responders. 

When he’s not sliding into your DM’s (to recruit you of course), you can catch Mike playing cornhole, coaching semi-pro football, firing-up his smoker and hanging-out with his wife Miranda and two beautiful kids Jaelyn and Hunter.

 CONTACT:  Mike@Exclusent.com

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