The Exclusent Talent Advantage:

Instead of conveniently squeezing you into our latest opening, we listen – Together we asses your skill- set and understand your priorities to develop a personalized plan.

Let’s open the right doors

Quality, Not Quantity

While most Recruiting firms have a high volume “see what sticks” approach, Exclusent is built on quality. We’re selective and intentional up-front on which candidates we can help more than others.


Our relationship-driven process provides a direct-line to initiatives not yet widely known. In 2019, 100% of the positions we took-on had direct hiring-manager contact, and 70% of those we received at least a 3-5 day heads-up on (before the position was submitted or posted anywhere else).

Transparency & Objectivity

We’re not internal corporate recruiters representing one company, we view our objectivity as a significant value-add. In this market, we can place top candidates at any number of local companies, finding your right fit is our north-star.

Result Based

Finding the next step in your career is involved enough...It’s important to control what you can control - Working with Exclusent means having the most effective recruiter in your corner to navigate the nuances of the interview process, and help negotiate your perfect offer.

Practice Areas:

Accounting & Finance

Recruiting for the Recruitment Industry/ Staffing-for-Staffing

Information Technology

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