We put leading-edge Artificial Intelligence in the hands of proven Senior Recruiters to grant select companies access to a curated group of elite talent. In a market evolving at break-neck speeds, partnering with a firm agile & innovative tough to stay ahead of change can make all the difference.

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  • The Initial Scope is critical:  We get into the weeds on the fabric of your organization,  the skill-set and type of person that will fit (& who will not), and consult on market positioning + compensation|benefits programs so we go-to-market with an air-tight strategy.
  • We then leverage our robust data intent analytics systems to help us flesh-out a curated list of 100-300 target candidates (depending the search) that we’ll run through our process.  Because we only take-on roles in very specific verticals, typically at least 50% of said list will include talent that’s already in our circle.  
  • After you approve of our target list, that’s when our A.I. powered platforms really get to work leveraging iterative data models, intent signaling & omni-channel touch-points to drive in-depth conversations with the harder-to-reach talent. 
NOTE:  We only leverage A.I. during scope & initial touch-points…Once a candidate schedules an initial call, real human recruiters take it the rest of the way. 

We Don't Post & Pray

Our process is designed to work along-side your internal recruiting efforts (however robust or non-existent they may be)

You can post jobs on your own...

We're here to design, develop & execute a Direct-Recruiting Strategy
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Industry Verticals We Serve

Cyber Security, Accounting & Operations

Cyber Security

  • Cloud Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • IoT Security
  • Data Security


  • Accounting Management (Controllers, AC’s & Accounting Managers)
  • Property Accounting
  • Staff, Job Cost & Project Accounting
  • Clerk Level (Billing, AP/AR, & Payroll)


  • Utilities (professional roles only)
  • Real Estate (Development & REIT)
  • SaaS

Search Models

  • Direct-Hire
    • Engaged Search
    • Exclusive Contingent Search
  • Staff Augmentation
    • Contract
    • Contract-to-Hire